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Caspar Lupfer, born in Berks County in 1760, the eldest son of the immigrant Hans Jacob Lupfer, remained in Perry County (Cumberland County at the time) after both his brothers had gone to Northwestern Pennsylvania.  He inherited most of his father's property,  and became the progenitor of this branch of the Lupfers.  This is the branch in which all or nearly all of the descendants have retained the original German spelling, Lupfer.  In English accounts his name is often spelled Casper, but since it is clearly spelled Caspar in the family Bible in which his birth is recorded, I am sticking with that.   The name Caspar occurs much earlier in this family, in Switzerland, and I assume he was named for these ancestors.

As a young man he served in the Revolution, in the 3rd Company, 5th Battalion, Cumberland Co Militia.   Later he became a farmer, mill owner, brickmaker, and what we would now call a real-estate developer in the town of New Bloomfield in what is now Perry County, PA.


Caspar married Elizabeth Barbara Loy (or Lay) 1772-1827, who had also been born in Berks County.  He and his wife had thirteen or fourteen children. (Apparently some died in infancy, and various accounts differ slightly.  What I have given here is the best I can determine.   I would welcome any additions/corrections/comments from anyone better informed than I am on this branch.)  They were all born in (what is now) Perry County.

Jacob Lupfer 1791-1827, mar first Mary McGloughlin, 2nd Eleanor Marshall 1793-1867
John Lupfer 1793-1808 (died young and there is another John later)
Simon Lupfer 1794-1796
Elizabeth Lupfer 1796-1828, married Isaac Keiser
David Lupfer 1798-1870, married Mary Beaver
Henry Lupfer 1800-?, married Margaret Firovic
Samuel Lupfer 1803-1882, married Susanna Keiser 1806-1881
Unnamed Lupfer 1804-1804
Michael Lupfer 1807-bef 1850, married Catherine ?
Anna Margaret Lupfer 1809-1880, married John McKeehan 1798-1878
Unnamed Daughter Lupfer 1811-1811
Mary Barbara Lupfer 1813-1876, married Wilson Darlington
John Lupfer 1815-1878, mar 1st Elizabeth Anna Hohenschildt ca 1820-1846, 2nd Margaret J. Reed
Catherine Lupfer 1819-1854

Caspar Lupfer died in 1846 and is buried in the Old Reformed Churchyard at New Bloomfield, fittingly since he is said to have given the land on which this church was built.

I will not go into detail here on the later generations of this branch of the family since they are not my ancestors.   Everything I know or reasonably believe about them, and it is quite a lot, is in the database.


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