The Luper Family
Jacob Lupfer, born in Berks County in 1766, was the third son of the immigrant Hans Jacob Lupfer.  As shown in the family Bible on the Lupfer/Lupher/Luper page, he was christened in the German fashion Johann Jacob, but the name he actually used, also in the German fashion, was the second name, Jacob.  This I think has caused a certain amount of confusion.

Jacob came to the Western part of Crawford County sometime between 1804, when he is recorded as selling some property in Cumberland County, and 1810, when he is recorded in the census in Sadsbury Twp, Crawford County.  In Crawford County he seems to have become known as Jacob Luper.   His branch is the one with the most confusion about the spellings and it is somewhat arbitrary to call it Luper because it appears that there are also both Lupfers and Luphers in this branch.   But I do this because Luper apparently was used during his lifetime at least part of the time (although he signed his will Jacob Lupfer), and because the majority of his descendants use it today.

Jacob Luper's wife was Maria Magdalena Bernsheisel 1775-1844.   This is another very old 'Pennsylvania Dutch' name that is spelled many ways.  Jacob calls her 'Matty' in his will.  She was born in Cumberland (now Perry) county near where the Lupfers lived during Jacob's childhood and youth.

Jacob and Magdalena Luper had the following children (birth dates given as 'ca' are just approximations used to keep them in correct birth order, which I know from Jacob's will where he says he lists them in order from eldest to youngest).  They were all born in Summit Township, Crawford County, PA.

Jacob Lupfer 1792-1852, married Nancy McMurtry 1792-1836
Christina Lupfer ca 1794-1894 married Thomas Smith
Catherine Lupfer 1797-1856, married James Smith
George Adam Lupfer 1799-1820
Susan Lupfer 1803-1898, married Samuel Brown
Magdalene 'Martha' Lupfer 1804-1893, married Andrew Smith
Joseph Lupfer 1806-1869, married Susan Williams 1806-1890
Daniel Luper 1810-1874, married Catherine Roudebush 1817-1899
David Luper 1814-1891, married Lois Curtis 1823-?
Israel Lupfer ca 1815-?
I have just realized that this implies that Christina lived to be 100.  It is possible that she did, approximately anyway; I have definite dates for her sister Susan who apparently lived to 95.  But there are some estimates here and perhaps errors; corrections from anyone who can supply them will be welcomed.

I know that James and Andrew Smith, who married Catherine and Magdalene, were brothers; I do not know how, if at all, Thomas Smith was related to them.  He may have been another brother.

Jacob Luper died in 1838, his wife Magdalena in 1844.   They are buried in the Luper cemetery on the Luper farm, a mile north of Harmonsburg in Crawford County, PA.  I will not go into details here on later generation of this branch, but all I know about them, a fair amount, is in the database.

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